Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Jack's Blanket

I found out my friend, Rachael was pregnant when she was already starting her third trimester. We hadn't seen each other since August, and since each of our lives had been pretty crazy this past year, we hadn't been able to keep in touch. So when I learned she was pregnant and already in the middle of her 6th month, I was disappointed that I wouldn't have enough time to make her a blanket. Or so I thought!

I was going through an old pattern book that my Grandma sent me, and came across a pattern for a "Carriage Cover". Basically, it's a small blanket that has a lot of lacy holes in it, and is used to cover a stroller during sunny days. The baby doesn't get sun in it's eyes, but there are enough holes in the blanket for air to get through easily. I still wasn't sure I would have enough time to finish it, but I thought I may as well try.

This blanket ended up taking me less than a month to complete! Someone who was able to work on it every day would be able to finish it in only a couple of weeks. Wow! What a quick pattern!

Rachael is a week and a half from her due date now, and I was able to drop the blanket off last night. Let me know what you think!

Breann's Hat and Scarf

So my friend, Breann, decided to move to New York a few months ago. Since it was winter, I decided to make her a hat and scarf to take with her. Her favorite color is orange, so when I went shopping I hunted for any yarn that had orange in it. I finally found the perfect color! I found a quick pattern online and finished them an hour or so before her going away party. :)

P.S.- After about two months, Breann missed her family so much that she moved back to Arizona. LOL