Monday, January 26, 2009

Crutch-Along Cashiers

So 7 or so weeks ago, one of my co-workers (Tami) injured her foot and needed surgery. She had to take 5 weeks off of work, and even after being back at work for two weeks, she will need to use crutches for another 5 weeks, if not more. We have all been watching her struggle to get from the registers to the time clock and then to her car, and I know it's been horrible. If that weren't bad enough, another one of my co-workers(Sara) had to have foot surgery last week to help correct an arch problem, so now she's on crutches for a few months as well. And while Sara will not be back at work for several weeks, she did come in on Saturday to visit us all and show off her boot and crutches. Well, we all got to talking, and I heard Tami and Sara both say several times how much the crutches were hurting the insides of their arms and chest areas.

And that's how I came up with the idea to make them some crutch covers. I assumed that the uncomfortable crutches were a big problem with anyone who had to use them, so after I got home that night, I searched the internet to try to find patterns that I could use. I was absolutely shocked that I couldn't find a single one. I did find a few sites that I could order some covers on, but nothing with a pattern.

So I came up with the brilliant idea to try to crochet some crutch covers on my own. I went through my scrap yarn box and found some yarn and then sat on the couch and thought about how I could make the shape I wanted. After thinking for awhile I decided to try to wing it and I ended up making some crutch covers that I was hoping were the right shape and size. I finished the first set up Sunday afternoon and was worried all evening that they wouldn't fit. I knew Tami was working Monday, so Maddie and I went up to visit. To my amazement, they not only fit on the crutches, but they fit PERFECTLY! I was soooooo excited. Tami was so happy with them, she wants me to make a few more sets for her in different colors. :)

Unfortunately, I never took photos of the first set, because I wanted to make sure they fit before I committed to the pattern. So you'll all have to settle with photos of the second set that I just finished. I think the purple I used in the first set was so much prettier, but this pinata varigated yarn is nice too. Let me know what you think!

Please excuse the ripped up bar stool that these are sitting on. :)

That's all for now! Later!