Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Dodson's Blanket

My friend, Sarah and her husband, Bret are expecting their first baby in September. They don't know what they are having (they want to be surprised), so I searched and searched for just the right neutral pattern for their baby. I finally found this one at I thought it was perfect!
This blanket is a little different than all the others I have done. I had to make the entire outside heart border first and leave a big hole in the middle.

Then I did the middle section that has the wording on it. I could have picked any number of patterns for the middle, but I chose this one because it's nice and neutral. :)

Then I stitched both sections together and added a white border. I think it turned out really cute. Sarah's baby shower was yesterday, and she loved it!
This pattern is now one of my favorites. It actually worked up really fast, and is easier than it looks. :)