Thursday, April 23, 2009

Christine's Blanket

On New Year's Eve I was at the Olive Garden with my hubby and our kids eating dinner. My hubby and I were chatting about his work and he was telling me about a co-worker of his (Christine) that was pregnant. This is her first child and she and her husband are so excited! She had just found out that she was having a girl and after having a stressful week at work (she works in the HR department) my hubby was feeling bad that she was feeling bad. So in the middle of eating my fettucine alfredo I decided, of course, I was going to make her a blanket. :) As soon as the bill was paid we were off to buy yarn and I had the pattern I was going to make already in my head by the time we got to the store. This may be a familiar pattern to some of you, as it is the same as the one my friend, Sarah, made for her friend, Jennifer, when she was pregnant.

Originally, this blanket was going to be a secret, but in his excitement, my hubby spilled the beans at work, and pretty soon the entire office new I was making it. :)

Due to craziness in my household this blanket took almost 4 months to complete (and every week someone from my husband's office asked me when I was going to be done!). At long last it is done! Yay! So here are the photos.

This is one of my favorite patterns to use. It has every color that a traditional baby blanket needs to make it neutral. I don't often like to do just pink or just blue in case the baby feels like surprising everyone. :)
I love this criss-cross pattern. I often have trouble making the patterns stand out in my photos, but this one turned out so well!

I did a very simple border on this blanket, but it turned out cute.

After taking the photos and washing it (as is tradition, so as not to jinx myself) I was FINALLY able to take it up to Christine yesterday at lunch. She loved it, and her doctor said this week that she's probably got only two or three weeks left until the baby comes. I got it done just in time! :)

As for my next project, I've already started a baby blanket for my friend, Sarah. She's due in September, so I have until then to get it done. Piece of cake!